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Pereira R. C., Gentili C., Cancedda R., Azevedo H. S., and Reis R. L., "Encapsulation of human articular chondrocytes into 3D hydrogel: phenotype and genotype characterization", 3D CELL CULTURE: Methods and Protocols, Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer Science+Business Media, LLG 2011, pp. 695:167-81, 2011.
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Pereira R. C., Scaranari M., Gentili C., Cancedda R., Azevedo H. S., and Reis R. L., "Hyaluronic acid microparticles as in situ carriers of therapeutic agents for knee cartilage repair strategies.", Gordon Research Conference - Cartilage Biology & Pathology, June 7-12 2009, Les Diablerets Conference Center Les Diablerets, Switzerland, 2009.
Pereira R. C., da Silva R. M. P., Azevedo H. S., and Reis R. L., "Production of starch-based biodegradable particles to be used as multifunction carriers of important bioactive molecules and cells in the field of bone regeneration", 2nd Marie Curie Cutting Edge Conference: “Recent advances on polymeric based systems for controlled delivery of bioactive agents: Applications in Tissue Engineering”, 2006.
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Pereira R. C., Scaranari M., Castagnola P., Grandizio M., Azevedo H. S., Reis R. L., Cancedda R., and Gentili C., "Novel injectable gel (system) as a vehicle for human articular chondrocytes encapsulation for cartilage tissue regeneration", 8th World Biomaterials Conference - crossing frontiers in biomaterials and regenerative medicine, from 28 May until 1 June 2008., 2008.
Leonor I. B., Pereira R. C., Azevedo H. S., and Reis R. L., "Biomimetic Coatings Incorporating Biomolecules as a Carrier for Delivering Bone-Related Factors", 2nd Marie Curie Cutting Edge InVENTS Conference on Recent Advances on Polymeric Based Systems for Controlled Delivery of Bioactive Agents: Applications in Tissue Engineering, 2006.

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