Marine collagen-chitosan-fucoidan cryogels as cell-laden biocomposites envisaging tissue engineering

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TitleMarine collagen-chitosan-fucoidan cryogels as cell-laden biocomposites envisaging tissue engineering
Publication TypePapers in Scientific Journals
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsCarvalho D. N., López-Cebral R., Sousa R. O., Alves A. L., Silva S. S., Oliveira J. M., Reys L. L., Reis R. L., and Silva T. H.

The combination of marine origin biopolymers for tissue engineering (TE) applications is of high interest, due to their similarities with the proteins and polysaccharides present in the extracellular matrix of different human tissues. This manuscript reports on innovative collagen-chitosan-fucoidan cryogels formed by the simultaneous blending of these 3 marine polymers in a chemical-free cross-linking approach. The physicochemical characterization of marine biopolymers comprised FTIR, Amino Acids analysis, CD and, SDS-PAGE, and suggested that the jellyfish collagen used in the cryogels was not denatured (preserved the triple helical structure) and had similarities with type II collagen. The chitosan presented a high deacetylation degree (90.1%) that can strongly influence the polymer physicochemical properties and biomaterial formation. By its turn, rheology, and SEM studies confirmed that these novel cryogels present interesting properties for TE purposes, such as effective blending of biopolymers without visible material segregation, mechanical stability (strong viscoelastic character), as well as adequate porosity to support cell proliferation and exchange of nutrients and waste products. Additionally, in vitro cellular assessments of all cryogel formulations revealed a non-cytotoxic behavior. The MTS test, Live/dead assay and cell morphology assessment (Phalloidin DAPI) showed that cryogels can provide a proper microenvironment for cell culturing, supporting cell viability and promoting cell proliferation. Overall, the obtained results suggest that the novel collagen-chitosan-fucoidan cryogels herein presented are promising scaffolds envisaging tissue engineering purposes, as both acellular biomaterials or cell-laden cryogels.

JournalBiomedical Materials
Date Published2020-06-22
KeywordsChitosan, Fucoidan, Jellyfish collagen, marine biomaterials, scaffolds, Tissue engineering
Peer reviewedno

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