Marine invertebrates are a source of bioadhesives with biomimetic interest

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TitleMarine invertebrates are a source of bioadhesives with biomimetic interest
Publication TypeReview Paper
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsAlmeida M., Reis R. L., and Silva T. H.
EditorsZhang L. G.
Abstract Text

Protein-based bioadhesives are found in diverse marine invertebrates that developed attachment devices to
adhere to various substrates. These adhesives are of interest to materials science to create bioinspired-adhesives that can perform in water or wet conditions and can be applied in a broad variety of biotechnological and industrial fields. Due to the high variety of invertebrates that inhabit the marine environment, an enormous diversity of structures and principles used in biological adhesives remains unexplored and a very limited number of model systems have inspired novel biomimetic adhesives, the most notable being the mussel byssus adhesive.
In this review we give an overview of other marine invertebrates studied for their bioadhesive properties in view of their interest for the development of new biomimetic adhesives for application in the biomedical field but also for antifouling coatings. The molecular features are described, highlighting relevant structures, and examples of biomimetic materials are discussed and explored, opening an avenue for a new set of medical products.

JournalMaterials Science & Engineering C
Date Published2019-11-18
PublisherElsevier Ltd.
KeywordsAdhesive proteins, Biomimetics, marine biomaterials, Marine invertebrates
Peer reviewedyes

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