Marine-Inspired Drugs and Biomaterials in the Perspective of Pancreatic Cancer Therapies

last updated: 2022-11-01
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TitleMarine-Inspired Drugs and Biomaterials in the Perspective of Pancreatic Cancer Therapies
Publication TypeReview Paper
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsFernandes A. S., Oliveira C., Reis R. L., Martins A., and Silva T. H.
Abstract Text

Despite its low prevalence, pancreatic cancer (PC) is one of the deadliest, typically characterised as silent in early stages and with a dramatically poor prognosis when in its advanced stages, commonly associated with a high degree of metastasis. Many efforts have been made in pursuing innovative therapeutical approaches, from the search for new cytotoxic drugs and other bioactive compounds, to the development of more targeted approaches, including improved drug delivery devices. Marine biotechnology has been contributing to this quest by providing new chemical leads and materials originating from different organisms. In this review, marine biodiscovery for PC is addressed, particularly regarding marine invertebrates (namely sponges, molluscs, and bryozoans), seaweeds, fungi, and bacteria. In addition, the development of biomaterials based on marine-originating compounds, particularly chitosan, fucoidan, and alginate, for the production of advanced cancer therapies, is also discussed. The key role that drug delivery can play in new cancer treatments is highlighted, as therapeutical outcomes need to be improved to give further hope to patients.

JournalMarine Drugs
Date Published2022-11-01
Keywordsantitumour, biodiscovery, Drug delivery, marine biomaterials, Marine natural products, pancreatic cancer
Peer reviewedyes

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