Different energy inputs promotes helicity change in the supramolecular arrangement of carbohydrates

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TitleDifferent energy inputs promotes helicity change in the supramolecular arrangement of carbohydrates
Publication TypeComunication - Oral
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsCastro V. I. B., Gao Y., Brito A., Soares da Costa D., Chen J., Ulijn R. V., Reis R. L., Pashkuleva I., and Pires R. A.

Glycans participate in a vast number of biomolecular recognition events. Their specificity in these events is related with the high number of carbohydrate regio- and/or stereoisomers. We explore this rich (bio)chemical diversity to develop a small library of carbohydrate amphiphiles (i.e. Fmoc derivatives) able to assemble into nanofibers that further form gels under physiological conditions. Herein, we investigated the effect of the energy input (heating/cooling rate) and the carbohydrate stereochemistry on the assembled architectures (nanofibers and gels) and their mechanical properties. We selected glucosamine (Glc), galactosamine (Gal) and mannosamine (Man) N-functionalized with Fmoc, and studied their ability to gel by a heating and cooling cycle. While Fmoc-Glc and Fmoc-Gal assembled into nanofibers (AFM and SEM) and formed gels, the Fmoc-Man amphiphile was poorly soluble in aqueous media. The cooling rate affected the structure of the nanofibers formed by Fmoc-Gal: we observed opposite helicity (CD) for fast (40 ºC/min) and slow cooling rate (5 ºC/min). This altered helicity influences the macroscopic properties of the ensuing gels (G’slow cooling>G’fast cooling) such as gelling temperature (Tgelslow cooling>Tgelfast cooling); mechanical properties and stability. In conclusion, we demonstrated that biosystems can use carbohydrate isomers to generate diverse 3D systems as a function of the available energy input.

Conference Name1st Discoveries Forum on Regenerative and Precision Medicine
Date Published2019-09-25
Conference LocationPorto-Portugal
KeywordsDifferent energy, helicity, supramolecular arrangement
Peer reviewedno

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