Codfish skins as potential source of collagen for tissue engineering strategies - isolation and characterization

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TitleCodfish skins as potential source of collagen for tissue engineering strategies - isolation and characterization
Publication TypeComunications - Poster
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsCarvalho A. M., Marques A. P., Silva T. H., and Reis R. L.

Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the extracellular matrix. Besides providing biomechanical features, collagen also defines cell adhesion, differentiation, growth, cellular activities and survival [1], and this makes collagen a primary material in tissue engineering strategies. Among collagen alternatives, fish provides the best source of raw material due to its high availability, no risk of disease transmission and the absence of religious barriers [2]. Moreover, it contributes to a more sustainable exploitation of marine natural resources, and the development off added-value biomedical products. In this work, acid soluble collagen was isolated from codfish skins, an industry by-product, and characterized according to ASTM F 2212-08e1 guideline [3]. Extract purity was determined asaccessed (74.63 ± 19.72) % and (87.70 ± 3.58) % for using SIRCOL and micro BCA assays respectively. The SDS-PAGE extract profile is coherent with collagen type I, as well as amino acid content. FTIR analysis and CD shows that the extracted collagen presents triple-helix conformation in some extent. The denaturing temperature was determined as (16.26 ± 0.05) oC. Moreover, preliminary studies show that codfish collagen promotes cell adhesion.

[1] Gelse, Kolja, E. Pöschl, and T. Aigner. "Collagens—structure, function, and biosynthesis." Advanced drug delivery reviews 55.12 (2003): 1531-1546.
[2] Berillis, Panagiotis, “Marine Collagen: Extraction and Applications.” Research Trends in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Microbiology (2015): 1-13
[3] F 2212 - 08e1 “Standard guide for characterization of type I collagen as starting material for surgical implants and substrates for tissue engineered medical products (TEMPs)” ASTM International

Conference NameTermStem
Date Published2016-10-27
Conference LocationGuimarães, Portugal
KeywordsASTM Guidelines, Collagen type I, Industry by-products, physicochemical characterization
Peer reviewedno

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