Bioengineered 3D Living Fibers as In Vitro Human TissueModels of Tendon Physiology and Pathology

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TitleBioengineered 3D Living Fibers as In Vitro Human TissueModels of Tendon Physiology and Pathology
Publication TypePapers in Scientific Journals
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsCalejo I., Labrador-Rached C. J., Gómez-Florit M., Docheva D., Reis R. L., Domingues R. M. A., and Gomes M. E.

Clinically relevant in vitro models of human tissue’s health and disease are urgently needed for a better understanding of biological mechanisms essential for the development of novel therapies. Herein, physiological (healthy) and pathological (disease) tendon states are bioengineered by coupling the biological signaling of platelet lysate components with controlled 3D architectures of electrospun microfibers to drive the fate of human tendon cells in different composite living fibers (CLFs). In the CLFs-healthy model, tendon cells adopt a high cytoskeleton alignment and elongation, express tendon-related markers (scleraxis, tenomodulin, and mohawk) and deposit a dense tenogenic matrix. In contrast, cell crowding with low preferential orientation, high matrix deposition, and phenotypic drift leading to increased expression of nontendon related and fibrotic markers, are characteristics of the CLFs-diseased model. This diseased-like profile, also reflected in the increase of COL3/COL1 ratio, is further evident by the imbalance between matrix remodeling and degradation effectors, characteristic of tendinopathy. In summary, microengineered 3D in vitro models of human tendon healthy and diseased states are successfully fabricated. Most importantly, these innovative and versatile microphysiological models offer major advantages over currently used systems, holding promise for drugs screening and development of new therapies.

JournalAdv. Healthcare Mater
Issue 15
Date Published2022-05-21
PublisherWiley-VCH GmbH
Keywordselectrospun microfibers, Tendon, tissue models
Peer reviewedyes

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