Preclinical translation of tissue-engineered strategies for severe muscular injuries

last updated: 2024-06-12
TitlePreclinical translation of tissue-engineered strategies for severe muscular injuries
Publication TypeReview Paper
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsAlheib O., da Silva L. P., Reis R. L., and Correlo V. M.
Abstract Text

Severe skeletal muscle injuries are a lifelong trauma with limited medical solutions. Significant progress has been made in developing in vitro surrogates for treating such trauma. However, more attention is needed when translating these approaches to the clinic. In this review, we survey the potential of tissueengineered surrogates in promoting muscle healing, by critically analyzing data from recent preclinical models. The therapeutic advantages provided by a combination of different biomaterials, cell types, and biochemical mediators are discussed. Current therapies on muscle healing are also summarized, emphasizing their main advantages and drawbacks. We also discuss previous and ongoing clinical trials as well as highlighting future directions for the field.

JournalTrends In Biotechnology
Date Published2023-05-01
PublisherCell Press
KeywordsSkeletal muscle, Tissue engineering
Peer reviewedyes

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