Microphysiological systems to study colorectal cancer: State-of-the-art

last updated: 2023-03-09
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TitleMicrophysiological systems to study colorectal cancer: State-of-the-art
Publication TypeReview Paper
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsRamos P., Carvalho M. R., Chen W., Yan L., Zhang, C.-H., He, Yu-Long, Reis R. L., and Oliveira J. M.
Abstract Text

Colorectal cancer (CRC) still has a high prevalence of mortality in the world. So far, basic pre-clinical research based on 2D cultures has failed to improve patient prognostic outcomes. A growing field of research based on microphysiological systems (MPS) involving organoids/spheroids or patient-derived tumour cells has become a solid base for a better understanding of the tumour microenvironment and as a result a step towards personalized medicine. Furthermore, microfluidic approaches have also started to open possibilities of research, with tumour-on-chips and body-on-chips being used in order to decipher complex inter-organ signalling and the prevalence of metastasis, as well as CRC early-diagnosis through liquid biopsies. Herein, we focus on the state-of-the-art of CRC research with emphasis on 3D microfluidic in vitro cultures - organoids, spheroids – drug resistance, circulating tumour cells (CTCs) and microbiome-on-a-chip technology.

Date Published2023-03-08
PublisherIOP publisher
KeywordsColorectal cancer, in vitro models, Microphysiological systems
Peer reviewedyes

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