Ionic-Doped Calcium Phosphates-based Biocomposites for Functional Bone Tissue Engineering

last updated: 2017-08-24
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TitleIonic-Doped Calcium Phosphates-based Biocomposites for Functional Bone Tissue Engineering
Publication TypeComunication - Oral
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsPina S., Canadas R. F., Jimenez G., Perán M., Marchal J. A., Reis R. L., and Oliveira J. M.

Bone disorders caused by traumatism or diseases may lead to severe complications of the neuromuscular system. Advanced tools and technologies have been developed for bone tissue regeneration. Functional materials such as biopolymers and bioresorbable fillers have gained particular attention, owing to their ability to promote cell adhesion, proliferation and extracellular matrix production, promoting new bone ingrowth [1,2]. In this study, novel biocomposites for bone regeneration composed by β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) incorporating Zn, Sr, and Mn, and silk fibroin (SF) were successfully developed. Ionic-doped biomaterials can enhance osteogenesis and angiogenesis while may help tuning the host healing response at the site of injury, and can also improve their mechanical strength[3]. 

Conference NameBioceramics 29
Date Published2017-10-25
Conference LocationToulouse, France
Keywordsbiocomposites, Bone Tissue Engineering, Calcium phosphates
Peer reviewedno

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