Implantable biosensors for continuous monitoring of chronic diseases

last updated: 2017-08-24
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TitleImplantable biosensors for continuous monitoring of chronic diseases
Publication TypeComunications - Poster
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBarbosa A. I., Reis R. L., and Correlo V. M.

The development of implantable biosensors for continuous monitoring of metabolites is an area of sustained scientific and technological interests. Continuous metabolic monitoring holds great potential to provide an early indication of various body disorders and diseases.1,2 Research in the interface between biomaterials, organic electronics and living tissue has the potential for the development of technologies that can support minimal invasive, automated monitoring and patient status-responsive treatment using implantable devices that can improve health quality.3 Miniaturization and the proper selection of biocompatible and flexible materials for use with these devices can minimize the body´s response while maintain sensor functionality.4

In this context, we propose the development of two parallel and complementary strategies to promote a better integration of the device with the surrounding tissue, and consequently reducing the fibrotic tissue formation. The first strategy consists on developing a new generation of flexible implantable biosensors. This will be performed by incorporating electronic arrays on biocompatible and flexible polymeric (e.g. chitosan) membranes, in order to decrease mechanical mismatched with biological tissues. The second strategy, which will be developed in parallel, will consist on embedding the developed flexible electronic biosensors on spongy-like hydrogels, with or without encapsulated cells.

Thus, the work herein described will create new opportunities for studying disease states, improving surgical procedures, monitoring health/wellness, establishing human-machine interfaces, and performing other functions. 

Conference NameCHEM2NATURE
Date Published2017-06-05
Conference LocationPorto
Keywordsbiocompatible, Biosensor, chronic diseases, implantable, personalised medicine
Peer reviewedno

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