Dendrimer Nanoparticles for Colorectal Cancer Applications

last updated: 2020-02-21
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TitleDendrimer Nanoparticles for Colorectal Cancer Applications
Publication TypeInvited Review Paper
Carvalho M. R., Reis R. L., and Oliveira J. M.

Cancer nanotechnology is a prolific field of research, where nanotools are employed to diagnose and treat cancer with unprecedented precision. Targeted drug delivery is fundamental for more efficient cancer treatments. For this, nanoparticles have been extensively used during the last years in order to improve the specificity, selectivity and controlled release of drug delivery. It holds potential in minimizing systemic toxicity through the development of functionalized particles for targeted treatment. Among all the type of nanoparticles, dendrimers display several advantages, which make them ideal candidates for improved and targeted drug delivery in cancer research. Dendrimers can transport large amount of drug into specific areas. In addition, they can be employed for monitoring the progress of the treatment process, with an  unprecedented theranostic capability. Special emphasis is given in colorectal cancer, as well as the preferred employed strategies for producing drug-loaded/functionalized NP’s for cancer therapy in the last years.

Journal Title Journal of Materials Chemistry B
Date Published2020-01-14
PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
KeywordsColorectal cancer, Dendrimers, Nanoparticles
Peer reviewedyes

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