Continuous pH monitoring in 3D-breast cancer model

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TitleContinuous pH monitoring in 3D-breast cancer model
Publication TypeComunications - Poster
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsBarbosa A. I., Kant K., Rebelo R., Brancato V., Abalde S., Wu L., Kundu S. C., Correlo V. M., Diéguez L., and Reis R. L.

We present a novel 3D cancer monitoring platform capable of sustaining a breast cancer model and simultaneously monitor the tumor extracellular pH, which can be used as a diagnostic biomarker for tumor aggressiveness and metastases.

The platform consists of 300 µl central chamber, where 3D gellan gum matrix measuring 6.6 ± 0.3 x 4.9 ± 0.5 mm is inserted,1 and tumor cells are cultured. The micro-reactor allows controlled flow rates mimicking in vivo tumor microenvironment. In addition to continuous monitoring of pH, since it contains three integrated electrodes for voltammetry measurements. MCF7 breast cancer cells and fibroblasts are dynamically cultured in the 3D microreactor, showing 70% of cell viability at day 15. The extracellular pH measure after day 15 was 5.8, similar value was reported in literature.2

The combination of the microreactor, with a 3D tissue engineered tumor model and the electrodes makes this platform a potential tumor-on-chip device for monitoring the response of personalized tumor models to drugs.

1         L. P. da Silva, M. T. Cerqueira, R. A. Sousa, R. L. Reis, V. M. Correlo and A. P. Marques, Acta Biomater., 2014, 10, 4787–4797.

2         X. Zhang, Y. Lin and R. J. Gillies, J. Nucl. Med., 2010, 51, 1167–1170.

Conference Name1st Discoveries Forum on Regenerative and Precision Medicine
Date Published2019-09-27
Conference Locationporto
Keywords3D cancer model, pH monitoring
Peer reviewedno

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