Childhood Brain Tumors: A Review of Strategies to Translate CNS Drug Delivery to Clinical Trials

last updated: 2023-02-08
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TitleChildhood Brain Tumors: A Review of Strategies to Translate CNS Drug Delivery to Clinical Trials
Publication TypeInvited Review Paper
Rahman R., Janowski M., Killick-Cole C. L., Singleton W. G. B., Campbell E., Walczak P., Khatua S., Faltings L., Symons M., Schneider J. R., Kwan K., Boockvar J. A., Gill S. S., Oliveira J. M., k. Beccaria, Carpentier A., Canney M., Pearl M., Veal G. J., Meijer L., and Walker D. A.

Brain tumors account for over 20% of childhood cancers and are the biggest cancer killer in children and young adults. Several initiatives over the past 40 years have tried to identify more effective drug treatments, but with very limited success. This is largely due to the blood–brain barrier, which restricts the entry of many drugs into the brain. In this review, we describe the main techniques that are being developed to enhance brain tumor drug delivery and explore the preclinical brain tumor models that are essential for translational development of these techniques. We also identify existing approved drugs that, if coupled with an efficient delivery method, could have potential as brain tumor treatments. Bringing this information together is part of a funded initiative to highlight drug delivery as a research strategy to overcome the current challenges for children diagnosed with brain tumors.

Journal TitleCancers
Date Published2023-01-30
KeywordsBrain, drugs, tumour
Peer reviewedyes

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