Bioprinting of Patient-Specific Implants

last updated: 2021-01-25
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TitleBioprinting of Patient-Specific Implants
Publication TypeComunication - Oral
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsCosta J. B., Silva-Correia J., Reis R. L., and Oliveira J. M.

Fibrocartilage is a very complex type of tissue. It is characterized by its hierarchical avascular nature and for the  forces that it can be subjected to. The large number of individuals affected by the degeneration of these tissues has been growing and the poor outcomes of current treatments have led to an increased interest in new alternative approaches. Therefore, the combination of reverse engineering with 3D printing has been extensively explored in order to produce patient-specific implants capable of improving the current clinical outcomes.

Conference NameTerm Stem 2019 - 3rd Workhop BAMOS
Date Published2019-11-06
Conference LocationBraga, Portuhal
KeywordsBioprinting, Patient-specifc
Peer reviewedno

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