A biocompatible and injectable hydrogel to boost the efficacy of stem cells in neurodegenerative diseases treatment

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TitleA biocompatible and injectable hydrogel to boost the efficacy of stem cells in neurodegenerative diseases treatment
Publication TypePapers in Scientific Journals
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsFerreira H., Amorim D., Lima, Ana C., Pirraco R. P., Costa-Pinto A. R., Almeida R., Almeida A., Reis R. L., Pinto-Ribeiro F., and Neves N. M.

Aims: Stem cell therapies emerged as treatment modalities with potential to cure neurodegenerative diseases
(NDs). However, despite high expectations, their clinical use is still limited. Critical issues in treatment outcomes may be related to stem cells formulation and administration route. We develop a hydrogel as a cell carrier, consisting of compounds (phospholipids and hyaluronic acid-HA) naturally present in the central nervous system (CNS). The HA-based hydrogel physically crosslinked with liposomes is designed for direct injection into the CNS to significantly increase the bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) bioavailability.
Materials and methods: Hydrogel compatibility is confirmed in vitro with BMSCs and in vivo through its intracerebroventricular injection in rats. To assess its efficacy, the main cause of chronic neurologic disability in young adults is selected, namely multiple sclerosis (MS). The efficacy of the developed formulation containing a lower number of cells than previously reported is demonstrated using an experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) rat model.
Key findings: The distribution of the engineered hydrogel into corpus callosum can be ideal for NDs treatment, since damage of this white matter structure is responsible for important neuronal deficits. Moreover, the BMSCs laden hydrogel significantly decreases disease severity and maximum clinical score and eliminated the relapse.
Significance: The engineering of advanced therapies using this natural carrier can result in efficacious treatmentsfor MS and related debilitating conditions.

JournalLife Sciences
Date Published2021-10-27
Keywordsbone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, CNS delivery, Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis rat model, hydrogel, multiple sclerosis, Neurodegenerative diseases
Peer reviewedyes

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