Antibacterial smart hydrogels: New hope for infectious wound management

last updated: 2024-03-21
TitleAntibacterial smart hydrogels: New hope for infectious wound management
Publication TypePapers in Scientific Journals
Year of Publication2022
AuthorsAhovan Z. A., Esmaeili Z., Eftekhari B. S., Khosravimelal S., Alehosseini M., Orive G., Dolatshahi-Pirouz A., Chauhan N. P. S., Janmey P. A., Hashemi A., Kundu S. C., and Gholipourmalekabadi M.

Millions of people die annually due to uncured wound infections. Healthcare systems incur high costs to treat wound infections. Tt is predicted to become more challenging due to the rise of multidrug-resistant conditions. During the last decades, smart antibacterial hydrogels could attract attention as a promising solution, especially for skin wound infections. These antibacterial hydrogels are termed ‘smart’ due to their response to specific physical and chemical environmental stimuli. To deliver different drugs to particular sites in a controlled manner, various types of crosslinking strategies are used in the manufacturing process. Smart hydrogels are designed to provide antimicrobial agents to the infected sites or are built from polymers with inherent disinfectant properties. This paper aims to critically review recent pre-clinical and clinical advances in using smart hydrogels against skin wound infections and propose the next best thing for future trends. For this purpose, an introduction to skin wound healing and disease is presented and intelligent hydrogels responding to different stimuli are introduced. Finally, the most promising investigations are discussed in their related sections. These studies can pave the way for producing new biomaterials with clinical applications.

JournalMaterials Today Bio
Date Published2022-11-19
KeywordsBurn wounds, Drug delivery, Hydrogels, thermo-responsive, Thermo-sensitive, Wound infections
Peer reviewedyes

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