Platelet lysate-based pro-angiogenic nanocoatings

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TitlePlatelet lysate-based pro-angiogenic nanocoatings
Publication TypePapers in Scientific Journals
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsOliveira S. M., Pirraco R. P., Marques A. P., Santo V. E., Gomes M. E., Reis R. L., and Mano J. F.
EditorsWagner W. R.


Human platelet lysate (PL) is a cost-effective and human source of autologous multiple and potent pro-angiogenic factors, such as vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF A), fibroblast growth factor b (FGF b) and angiopoietin-1. Nanocoatings previously characterized were prepared by layer-by-layer assembling incorporating PL with marine-origin polysaccharides and were shown to activate human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs). Within 20 h of incubation, the more sulfated coatings induced the HUVECS to the form tube-like structures accompanied by an increased expression of angiogenic-associated genes, such as angiopoietin-1 and VEGF A. This may be a cost-effective approach to modify 2D/3D constructs to instruct angiogenic cells towards the formation of neo-vascularization, driven by multiple and synergistic stimulations from the PL combined with sulfated polysaccharides.

Statement of Significance

The presence, or fast induction, of a stable and mature vasculature inside 3D constructs is crucial for new tissue formation and its viability. This has been one of the major tissue engineering challenges, limiting the dimensions of efficient tissue constructs. Many approaches based on cells, growth factors, 3D bioprinting and channel incorporation have been proposed. Herein, we explored a versatile technique, layer-by-layer assembling in combination with platelet lysate (PL), that is a cost-effective source of many potent pro-angiogenic proteins and growth factors. Results suggest that the combination of PL with sulfated polyelectrolytes might be used to introduce interfaces onto 2D/3D constructs with potential to induce the formation of cell-based tubular structures.


JournalActa Biomaterialia
Date Published2016-03-01
KeywordsAngiogenesis, endothelial cells, growth factors, instructive surfaces, layer-by-layer assembling, Platelet lysate
RightsembargoedAccess (3 Years)
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