Knee Surgery Complications Related to Biomaterials, Chapter 2

last updated: 2016-11-02
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TitleKnee Surgery Complications Related to Biomaterials, Chapter 2
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPereira H., Correlo V. M., Silva-Correia J., Oliveira J. M., Reis R. L., and Espregueira-Mendes J.
EditorsMonllau Garcia J. C.
Abstract Text

Recent years have seen a growing interest in biomaterials and use of these materials in the clinical setting is increasing. Despite their advantages, they have also been cited as the source of specific complications and/or fail- ures. Problems such as screw breakage, tunnel enlargement, allergic or foreign body reactions, cyst and abscess formation, or even delayed migration of supposedly biodegradable screws/implants have been reported. This chapter aims to review the basic science and clinical experience with biomaterials currently employed in fixation devices for knee surgery. Information on the clinical implications of biodegradable screws is still limited. Surgeons tend to focus more on the emerging successes of innovations than on the complications and failures (publication bias) of older devices, making it difficult to reliably assess the incidence of such events. More- over, the complexity of possible reactions occurring in the human body cannot be reproduced under controlled laboratory conditions.Neverthe- less, surgeons and patients must be aware of both the advantages and the complications of these devices. Only in this way can informed choices be made, so that both parties are prepared to face and overcome the unde- sired complications, and the improvement of future implants can become a reality.

Book TitleFracasos en Cirurgia de la Rodilla. Cómo lo soluciono?
ISBN 9788416171118
KeywordsBiomateriais, Knee Surgery
Peer reviewedno

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