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1999 (17)
Neves N. M., and Pouzada A. S., "The use of morphology data in the design of injection moulded flat products", Antec '99: Plastics Bridging the Millennia, Conference Proceedings, Vols I-Iii: Vol I: Processing; Vol Ii: Materials; Vol Iii: Special Areas;, pp. 3309-3313, 1999.
1998 (10)
Ribeiro A. S., Malafaya P. B., and Reis R. L., "Técnicas inovadoras para a produção de materiais porosos cerâmicos e poliméricos", Workshop on Porous Materials, Biomaterials Network of CYTED PROJECT VIII.6, 1998.
Reis R. L., Granja P. L., and Cunha A. M., "Impact behaviour of UHMWPE/HA Composites for Orthopaedic Prosthesis", Frontiers in Biomedical Polymers Applications, Technomic Pub., Zurich, pp. 251-263, 1998.
1997 (8)
1996 (5)
1995 (4)
1994 (3)
1993 (1)
1992 (4)

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